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  1. Kia Seltos General Discussion Forum
    Hey All, New to Kia vehicles, the Seltos, and forum posting. I recently purchased a '22 Kia Seltos LX, and while I love the car already, I wanted to upgrade the OEM headlights. I started with upgrading the main headlight bulbs (9005), and went with Auxito LEDs from Amazon. I've been running...
  2. 2020+ Kia Seltos Reviews
    Autoblog released their buying guide for the 2021 Seltos. It's a great article for anyone looking to take the next step and get a Seltos. They highlight the SX Turbo being a strong value purchase at $29,010. What features are available and what's the price? Pricing starts at $23,110...
  3. Kia Seltos General Discussion Forum released their latest "car seat check" with the Seltos and good news for parents and soon to be parents, it scored very well! Out of the 5 categories it scored 4 A's (Latch, Infant, Rear-Facing Convertible, and Forward-Facing Convertible) and 1 B (Booster). The Verdict: Kia’s newest...
  4. 2020+ Kia Seltos Reviews
    Autoblog tested the Seltos' trunk space to see how much luggage it can hold. According to their test, it most certainly holds its own compared to the competition. "In total, the Seltos does in fact provide more useful space than normal for this in-betweener segment. That it's also graced with...
  5. 2020+ Kia Seltos News
    Hyundai Motor Group has lost their chief designer Luc Donckerwolke has announced he will be stepping down from Kia/Hyundai/Genesis. He had joined the company in 2015 after leaving Volkswagen. What's interesting is that they aren't planning on naming a new design chief for the whole group...
  6. Kia Seltos Pictures
    Well this is one of the craziest things I've seen in a while...
  7. 2020+ Kia Seltos News
    Kia is set to introduce a new logo during the 2nd quarter of this year according to the Korean Car Blog. It's expected to be based on the logo from the “Imagine by Kia” concept car revealed at Geneva Motor Show in March 2019.
  8. 2020+ Kia Seltos Reviews
    Autocar India made this great review that goes though which one of the trims you should get. Yes it's tailored to the Indian market but it's still worth the watch.
  9. Kia Seltos Dealers, Prices And Orders
    I was talking to a friend of mine about all the plant closures from car companies and it got me wondering about how that will affect dealerships domestically with their inventory. Has anyone looked recently seen more flexibility on Kia prices below MSRP? Given that dealership traffic is likely down?
1-20 of 38 Results