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  1. Kia Seltos General Discussion Forum
    I tend to see conflicting info. I know one's personal maintenance schedules/service needs vary, but OFFICIALLY, when are you supposed to get your Seltos serviced? I saw this guide online: 7,500 Miles – Oil change, tire rotation, safety inspection 15,000 Miles – All of the above, plus engine...
  2. Kia Seltos General Discussion Forum
    I recently went for my first oil change at my local Kia dealer (2022 SX turbo). I booked a synthetic oil change online. Upon arrival I also confirmed with the service desk that the oil change was going to be full synthetic, as I have the turbo engine. Once I got home with the Seltos I looked...
  3. Kia Seltos General Discussion Forum
    I have a SX turbo. Has anyone installed a oil catch can onto theirs, if so can you show me how? Thanks. I wonder if the dealership service center would be willing to do this for me too. Any ideas?
1-3 of 3 Results