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1.6L Turbo Engine

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Does anyone know if the engine and transmission in the US 1.6L turbocharged variant is the same as the Soul Turbo, just downtuned?

They have the same torque rating and felt somewhere I had seen the same displacement. Sure sounded like they were identical - along with the DCT.

I ask just for dependability in the system. If that powertrain is solid in the Kia lineup (and the Kona as well since it's certainly the same powertrain), then got to figure the Seltos would have good reliability.
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I don't know for certain but appears to be the same engine with a smaller turbo and different programming.
Gotcha - thanks for the reply.

A lot of numbers match up except the HP, so that makes sense.
I believe it's the same drivetrain as a Kona
That is known as a certainty. What was being asked were the differences between it and the one in the Soul.
From what I've read and seen, its the same. Tune for less HP, but more torque.
From what I've read and seen, its the same. Tune for less HP, but more torque.
I believe they are both 195tq
I believe they are both 195tq
You are correct after I looked them up. Soul's has 200 HP, Seltos 175 HP otherwise the same.
Thanks for the discussion and thoughts. Picked up the Seltos a few weeks ago. Checked basically every box for me in what I wanted with a new vehicle. Been really happy with it.

The DCT takes some getting used to. Despite the warranty, I just hope it has the longevity that I expect in a car.
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