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2" hitch option please!!

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Why is there no 2" hitch option for the 2021 Seltos I need to be able to tote around my father's 300 lb mobility scooter and no option for attachments fit a 1-1/4 inch hitch. Has a 2000 lb towing capability, but the hitch option basically makes that null and void. Or am misunderstanding something?
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Legality and safety stuff I was told by a Kia tech. As he stated yes it can tow and they should have a 2 inch option but for precautions they don’t have one. I have the 1.25 for bikes and when I went for the install he said indeed I can tow. Feel free to contact or visit uhaul and ask a few questions about towing.
If you manage to find an adapter rated for towing you can’t get a 1.25 to 2 inch hitch adaptor. Max lbs you can put on it is 350 and some may not be for towing.
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