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2020 Kia Seltos online booking to start in India on July 15th

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While dealerships in India have started taking unofficial bookings for the Kia Seltos, Autocar India is reporting that online booking for the Selos will start on July 15, 2019.

While Kia Motors India will announce pricing for its first model, the Seltos, on August 22, 2019, the Korean company has conveyed to its dealers that it will begin accepting bookings officially at its outlets, as well as online, from July 15, 2019 onwards. A handful of Kia dealers began accepting unofficial bookings for the Seltos SUV a few days ago.

Most Kia dealerships across India are in the final stages of completion and are expected to display the Seltos SUV mostly by the end of July 2019, with vehicle test drives likely to begin by early August. Dealers are currently promising deliveries of the Kia Seltos around the last week of August, right after its price announcement. Kia Motors India has also confirmed its plans to set up 265 touchpoints across 160 cities once the SUV goes on sale.
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This is great and all but no news of it being sold else where is disappointing to me. Enjoy India!
Yeah Kia is taking a slow approach for the Seltos, form my understanding it's only being offered in South Korea, India, and now Australia.
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