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2021 Chevt Trailblazer vs Kia Seltos, tough choice.

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Hey , I hope everyone is safe and sound.

I just compared the 2021 Chevy Trailblazer and the 2021 Seltos Sport with DCT.

Here's the video:

Stay safe!
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Not a tough choice for me. 3 cylinder engines being used for minicars may be ok. I wouldn't buy a 3300+ pound car with a 3 cylinder. It isn't all about acceleration but duty cycle and strain. This 3 cylinder engine is a cost cutting measure to save the manufacturer money, not to provide any value to consumers because there clearly isn't a cost savings being passed on to the consumer. GM is saving money giving shoppers a 3 when most of the competion have more expensive 4 cylinder engines. Thanks but no thanks.

Maintaining the same mechanical work and decreasing the displacement and cylinder count requires engineering to maintain durability. I don't have the confidence in GM to do that without compromise.
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