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2021 Kia Seltos Rapid Review: Business Insider

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Business Insider wrote a short review of the Seltos, in it they say that it has great styling, but it misses the mark in terms of some of the trim pieces.

The 2021 Kia Seltos is Kia's newest compact SUV, featuring a $21,990 starting price and two engine options. It comes with standard all-wheel drive on all but one trim: the S.

The front-wheel-drive S trades AWD for a driver-assistance suite, while the other base trim, the LX, forgoes the suite for AWD — hence their equal $21,990 price. In colder climates, harsher terrain, and inclement weather, AWD is often preferred.

The Seltos has great styling, and its bright-yellow paint option can even be had as an option on the base S trim. The Seltos' safety systems are helpful without being intrusive or annoying, it mitigates road noise well, and on the turbocharged variants, it's enjoyable to drive. Power and throttle aren't dull, and it has a heavy, sturdy steering wheel — not one that feels light or detached.

While the Seltos looks good overall, a closer inspection of some features — like the mesh grating and fake exhausts on the back, and the silver trim on the front — will make you realize they look a little cheap. One interior option on Seltos also features an abundance of sleek, glossy black accents, but they don't stay sleek. A couple of drives in the car and the grime will pile up, requiring either a lot of cleaning or a lot of unwelcome reminders of your grossness.

In pricing and features, the Seltos is in line with its competition.

As of this writing, the Seltos hasn't been tested for crashworthiness or safety features in the US.

Problem areas to look for on modern cars, via the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, include passenger-side crash testing and headlight quality. Headlight quality often varies by trim, so pay close attention.

The vehicle featured in these photos is an SX Turbo with a sticker of $29,485. Scroll for more photos, or click here for the full review.
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