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My 2022 Seltos LX has only 421 miles on it and I have already noticed an annoying issue with the AC. The blower will suddenly surge and then normalize randomly. This happens when the car is idling or running and at the moment, I have only noticed it when the fan speed is at the 2 position.

The increase in speed is subtle (maybe a 1/4 increase in speed), and you wouldn't really notice it if you had the radio on or were driving in bumpy roads. I placed my hand over the vent to check if it was only noise or an actual variation in the blower speed, and it definitely blows a little more air when surging. Also, the occurrence is random, and it's duration is also random, lasting between 1 to 5 seconds.

Can anyone confirm if their vehicle is also doing this? I had never noticed it until today, when driving with the radio off and on smooth roads.

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