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2022 Seltos S, intermittent/slow USB flash drive reading for media

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I use a USB flash drive for all my music (about 64GB worth). I'm having an issue where when starting the car after it has been sitting a while (presumably the infotainment system goes to "sleep" after so long), the media system will not resume playing the USB, it doesn't seem to recognize that a flash drive is plugged in. I have to remove and reinstall the drive and even then it seems to take a minute before it recognizes it. I have reformatted the flash drive to FAT32 but not change. I'm speculating that the infotainment system goes to sleep and when restarting the car, it basically loses connection with the USB drive (USB media icon is not lit up indicating it does not recognize a flash drive is installed). Anyone have this issue?
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Hi - I had a Soul and now a Seltos... My experience in both is that it takes about 15-20 seconds maybe for it to read the USB after starting, and you should be able to play, thereafter, music instantly at any time the car is on. I use a Sandisk Ultra 128GB drive have about 60GB music also. It has worked flawlessly. I'm sorry you're having this problem....
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When I start the car with the USB installed I usually have to press media, then USB
Right - if USB had been in use you can also press the MOde button on the steering wheel and if you have USB checked on the setup screen, it will start playing the last music playing on USB which is convenient (after that short period needed to ready the USB after starting the car)... If you want more 'controls' then yes, have to go to the Media / USB screen if the Mode button doesn't bring it up. I think I have my Mode set up for Sirius, USB, Bluetooth and FM (have a High Def FM station available from Denver) - that's a nice feature I think, and I like the split screen feature as well.
I'm going to try another flash drive. The owner's manual states that USB 2.0 is preferred, I am using a USB 3.0 drive (sandisk).
Great...let us know!
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