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Hi - if you have installed the much-discussed "November Software Update" - could you let me know if you're having the same problem as described below? Sending a text message from the car, including voice command "Text Joe I am running late", seems to me to be one of the more helpful things you can do via UVO! But all of a sudden it doesn't work (although you can "resend" the message I discovered)...wonder if a casulty of the Nov update...??? Submitted case with Kia....

1/5/20 - Case 13942994
Hi - I noticed this new problem yesterday. The only thing that has changed since it used to work is 1) the November Software update for Maps/UVO, 2) adding a driver profile for my wife (she has a different UVO account and cell phone). Anyway, I tried to text my wife from the car ("text Beth Taylor" voice command) that I was running late and kept noticing "Message Not Sent" messages... I ended up stopping and texting her from my phone no problem. I did more testing today and noticed it seems to be a consistent problem....but....that if you 'find' the message that wasn't sent and "Resend" it, it seems to work - tried that twice. Can you let me know the problem?? This is one of the more useful parts of UVO. Attached is my testing plan and photos that should be pretty self explanatory. Please let me know.


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