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So I drive like a bugger, and work puts me on grid road (gravel or worse) for hundreds of kilometers at a time. I can't for the life of me seem to find a suitable tire for gravel that fits the seltos. Has anyone found any ?

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Which trim?

Extrapolating from your MPG post, I would assume you have a 2.0 CVT Seltos which would mean you most likely also use a 215/55R17 tire.

I would recommend up sizing one notch to a 225/55R17 and picking up an all-weather rated All-terrain tire for your rig. (only 1.5% upsize so well within tolerance limits)
3 good examples in this size listed from best to worst (regarding snow/ice capability)

1) Nokian Outpost APT (Aramid sidewalls for better durability)

2) Nitro Nomad Grappler

3) Falken Wildpeak AT Trail
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