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Australia GT and 3rd party Seltos Auto Boot

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Thinking about getting a 3rd party Seltos Auto Boot. A question with the GT guys, where would be the best place for a button in the cabin to make it look stock?
I have been reading and I cant find any info on a cabin button for the boot door.

Thinking of getting this:
KIA Seltos electric tailgate, leg sensor, automatic tailgate, luggage modification

Foot sensor Sensor Controlled Opening and Closing

This is the Cabin Button:


What do you guys think? And any recommendations?
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Hi mate, just picked up my GT in white with black roof, like you one of the things that I was disappointed with was the non electric tail gate. After looking through the cabin of the gt there is no free button(plus I can’t see your image)

Maybe the glove box or the centre console I think hidden would be best to keep with the original look of the car.

also wish the Aussie version have 360 camera and the torque and boost gauge in the cluster display.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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