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Hi folks. We purchased a 2021 Kia Seltos LX AWD this summer. It's the base model but has what we need in a daily driver. So we thought.

The issue we have is with the Bluetooth. We are able to pair her iPhone XR or my iPhone 8 without issue. However, we cannot make calls by pressing the hands free call button on the steering wheel. It says it needs to be connect via USB so CarPlay can be used. We have CarPlay disabled and still asks to to have phone connected via USB. We did try CarPlay and it works fine but again you have to be USB connected.

Whats really confusing is that if you are on a call in the house, walk out and get into the car and start it up, it will automatically connect to bluetooth and the audio switches over to the car. No need for CarPlay! Wow! Magic!

We have had several cars with handsfree bluetooth but never had to plug it in to make it work. We tried reseting the head unit via software and the hard reset button. Removing and re-adding the phone(s). Software updates from last summer. We don't have NAV so I don't think the latest PURPLE update will work on ours. I also disconnected the power form the battery overnight to reset everything. No luck. The salesman said this is the new normal for Kia and you have to connect via USB and use CarPlay all the time now. This seems like a step backward to me and a feature thats on my base model Ford Focus from 2014. I understand Kia's software has had many bluetooth connecting issues in the past but its 2021. This is not new technology.

Any ideas?

Thanks everyone!
I have an ongoing problem and it changes consistently, first radio drop out and the phone worked but no favourites, then the phone stopped working, then asked for favourites (you-beaut I thought its fixed it "ate "my favourites and the contacts! Now I have people ring me and it may come through my phone or it may come through the car within a short period of time. Every day is a new expectation. What a shame to ruin Kia's reputation over a bit of tech when the car itself is great. My worry is the Navman won't go when I'm in the middle of nowhere. That's another thing Navman won't give me a street address without being in the suburb!
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