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I'm constantly having an issue whereby my phone is automatically connecting to the Seltos via Bluetooth whilst I'm on a phone call sitting in my bedroom and my partner starts the car in the garage. Because of this, whoever I'm talking to can't hear me and they end up talking to my partner which is quite awkward.

Is there some way I can control the range of the Bluetooth system in the Seltos so that it only detects phones within 2m? I find it ridiculous that it is connecting with my phone when I'm like 15m-20m away.

If there is another solution that I haven't thought of please let me know.

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Don't call your date until your partner drives

Seriously though, there's nothing you can do to limit range, but you should be able to set the priority on phones. Set the priority to your partner's phone and it will connect to theirs first. (I know it has this functionality on my Jeep, most vehicles should have this option if they have bluetooth)

Then you'll be able to hear your partner talking to their date when you drive off...馃ぃ

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Bluetooth technology is set by the technology and specs of "Bluetooth". By spec, it's approx 30 ft. However, could be longer in some circumstances. Distances cannot be "adjusted"
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