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Contact KIA whatever county you are in. Let them handle it. Frankly, you should have not accepted the vehicle with dents in it when you picked it up. Tell them your lawyer will be in touch
Hi. "Frankly you should not have accepted it when you picked it up" is saying we noticed then and waited to complain now, when as in the op I said it can go unnoticed until your on the right angle to see it. I checked mine out, as I bet others did too, there and being under cover where it was it all looked great and wasn't until a while later it was noticed. I hardly got to drive it for weeks due to us being in hard covid lockdown. It was after that when I was out I saw it. As im sure others are noticing too. Which is why I mentioned its just on certain angles so others can check and see. If yours had them its highly probable you wouldn't have noticed them initially like the rest of us. Which as all people that mention they have them like me are saying they are noticing them later and not 1 complaint of anyone saying they saw them in the show room and rejected them or warning others.
The issue is that too much heat was applied to the part causing it to have these ripples that appear as dents. Some have 6 others 8. Im starting to wonder how many people here even that say they dont have them are yet to really notice them!
Here is mine from one of the various angles where it looks perfect and why it goes unnoticed. And yep thats the same car as the one showing the issue in the OP.
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