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We have a 2021 KIA Seltos S that's one year old now and has 23,000 miles. It's been nothing but issues from the day we got it (brand new). Aside from all the recalls, after the FIRST recall fix the check engine light came on (solid). Took it back to the dealer who performed the recall fix and they said they looked it down and back and it was all normal. My wife drives it to and from work and she said that on the highway it felt like the car was going to "stall" and then went back to normal (twice). Then again shortly after, the check engine light came on yet again. Again back to the dealer who opened a TechLine case who told us to try using a different fuel provider (we ONLY used COSTCO fuel in the car, but thought we would give it a go). We changed to using Exxon fuel and the car seemed to run fine from there.

We got our letter about the recall for the knock sensor and took it to the dealer for normal service and to have the engine inspected for the recall. They said it passed the recall inspection and turned the car back to us. The next day we got in the car to drive to the airport.....check engine light flashing.....back to the dealer. They re inspect the engine, it passes, hand the car back to us. After about 20 miles driving......check engine light flashing.......back to the dealer. They open a KIA tech line case and give us a loaner.

It's now been two days going on three with no information. We leave messages and texts for our service advisors with no replies.

At this stage I think we just want to do a buyback since I think we have bought a lemon? Has anyone had a similar experience? Did they tell the dealer this or did they call KIA assistance line directly?
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