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Consumer Reports evaluation for the 2021 KIA Seltos

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I've been subscribing to Consumer Reports for over 35 years. Last year I read CR evaluation on the Seltos S model. I would have liked them to evaluate the SX Turbo version, Their evaluation was poorly written and assumptions were poorly based. Over the 35 yrs I always agreed with their evaluations and thought they were "spot-on". But the evaluation on the Seltos was poorly done. Below is a complaint to CR about the outrage I had after looking at their 2022 Auto Issue, where the last straw was that out of all the new cars that exist, CR didn't even gave KIA the respect to list the KIA Seltos in their Reliability Charts at the end of the issue.

"Sue Melfi
I've been a subscriber for 35 years or so and I'm greatly dissatisfied with your magazine recently. Last evaluation on the 2021 KIA Seltos was grossly inadequate. You "so-called" evaluated a lower model Seltos which is greatly sub-par from the 2021 Seltos SX Turbo model. It was poorly written and not to the point. What angered me was in you're most recent 2022 April issue that you didn't even give KIA Respect and NOT LIST IT WITH ALL THE OTHER CARS IN YOUR RELIABILITY CHARTS at the end of the issue. REALLY?!!
You gave a rating of 49, that bad!? I've owned many SUV's in the past 20 yrs and although the Seltos has it's shortcomings, I can't believe CR would give it that low of a rating. After owning a good variety of SUV's my opinion would be on the SELTOS SX TURBO a 72. I've agreed with about 98% of all your previous car reviews but lately they are written and evaluated poorly.

The thing I really like about your past reviews which were listed at the end of your monthly magazine is that you evaluated comparable vehicles. Now it's quite meaningless listing 3 or 4 non-comparable vehicles, WHY? I will copy this to the KIA Seltos forum and let other Seltos members know about this.
So after 35 years or so, I won't be continuing my subscription."

So if you like your KIA Seltos, please drop Consumer Reports an email and tell them what you think.
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