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Getting ready for another long trip and wanted to report on two accessories from Amazon - I added them to my whole list of Seltos accessories in case you're interested - Some thoughts on a long trip and small accessories for...

1) This dash cover definitely addresses the glare from the dash on the inside windshield. At this time in life my eyes need all the help they can get. It's $45 before tax. It stays on the dash since it backs up to the infotainment screen and has some rubber on the back. It comes rolled up so no problems with creases like some other covers. Out of the box, though (and someone else mentioned this on a review of it), the holes for the two headlight sensors fit nicely but did cause the headlights to go on and off. When I carefully made those openings larger, the headlights worked normally. You can judge 'how it looks' - pix below.... But I'll probably keep it for this next trip.
Aoneparts Black Non-Slip Dash Covers with White Sticker for 2021 KIA SELTOS OR

2) With all the theft reports I thought I'd look into a 'Club' type device that, once locked in place, prevents the steering wheel from turning all the way. This is a no-name brand but has high Amazon reviews (there are quite a few of these locks). It's $40 before tax. It is a heavy piece of steel that comes with 3 keys, protective material for the steering wheel, a pointed tip (with a cover) to break the window from the inside if you need that and seems to position well in the Seltos. It can be used as a weapon as well, and stores under the seat well. Comes in three colors. Just don't stretch these things out too tightly on your steering wheel - they won't unlock and you'll be calling a locksmith! They warn you about that. Pix below.
Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock for Cars,Wheel Lock,Vehicle Anti-Theft Lock,Adjustable Length Clamp Double Hook Universal Fit Emergency Hammer Window Breaker Self Defense Heavy Duty Secure (Red)

Best to get out first....hahaha!

Store under seat

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