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Edmunds reviews the Seltos

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It's great to see some Seltos reviews start to come from American websites. Edmunds got their hands on the Seltos and said "Kia hasn't confirmed the Seltos is bound for the U.S., but we would be shocked if the manufacturer turned away from our SUV-hungry market."

They were impressed by the Seltos' performance but said the ride quality needed to be worked on a bit. Hopefully that's a quick fix by Kia to make the Seltos more suited for North American roads.

How does it drive?
Our drive was limited to the smooth roads outside of Seoul, but our initial impressions of the Korean-market Seltos are positive. Our tester's range-topping 201-horsepower, turbocharged 1.6-liter engine, which Kia does sell in other U.S.-spec vehicles, provided plenty of power for this small crossover — something that cannot be said of many small SUVs.
Kia says it put extensive work into softening the shift shock from the dual-clutch transmission (one of our issues with the transmission in the Hyundai Kona). And indeed both upshifts and downshifts felt smoother than in other vehicles with this powertrain. Acceleration at low speeds felt nicer, too, with less clutch-slipping hesitation when pulling away from a stop.

The ride is another story. While the body feels perfectly fine on the glassy highways, impacts from bumps at lower speeds were more pronounced than we anticipated and sent a shimmy through the cabin. This area could use a little more development time.
They also found the Seltos' interior to be very practical but also stylish.

How practical is it?
The Seltos might be a subcompact crossover, but its passenger and cargo area are both quite spacious. There's enough room for tall occupants in both front seats, and the rear is similarly accommodating. The rear seatbacks have two recline positions, and even in the more upright angle, a 6-foot-4 passenger had plenty of headroom.

Buyers who worry that a subcompact won't offer enough cargo room have not met the Seltos. The load area is square and starts below the rear seatbacks, so even carry-on luggage standing upright likely won't impede rear visibility. A false cargo floor can be repositioned to allow for a nearly flat load surface with the rear seats folded.

What else should I know?
While the Seltos is the more practical of Kia's subcompacts, it brims with personality. The exterior has an aggressive square-shouldered design reminiscent of Land Rover's small SUVs. The interior is surprisingly upscale, and the faux leather upholstery even feels like the real thing. And as in the Soul, ambient light strips around the cabin pulsate with your music.
Like most Kias, the Seltos goes all in on the tech front. Most of today's advanced driving systems, from frontal collision warning to blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control, are available. It also borrows the three-row Kia Telluride's Lane Following Assist feature, which helps keep the Seltos in the center of its lane. An 8-inch touchscreen is standard, with a 10.3-inch screen with split-screen features available on top-trim models. Also available are heated and ventilated front seats, heated rears, a 360-degree parking camera, and a head-up display.
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Considering how other Indian market vehicles look (similar to the Seltos), no NA model could be possible.
Considering how other Indian market vehicles look (similar to the Seltos), no NA model could be possible.
The Indian market is definitely a completely different entity than the North American market, especially when manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki and Renault don't offer vehicles here.

But the Nissan Kicks is sold in India and it's available in North America, so it's definitely possible for Kia to do the same thing.
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