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Websites have messages for Push Notifications. It allows websites to send Windows a notification that there has been an update to the website. In some cases people like the notifications, in others they find them a nuisance.

For me, I can't imagine I'm the only one, the function on SeltosForum dot com is broken. You can't select any of them. Select 'Never' nothing happens, select 'Not Now' nothing happens, even selecting 'Enable Push Notifications' allowing them ... does nothing. It's an irritation it loads EVERY page you bring up and sometimes blocks legitimate functions of the website, like search. It should be a message that appears once, and never again after 'Never' or 'Enable Push Notifications' is selected.

If you're one that has this issue I found a way to circumvent it. We wouldn't have to do this if the function wasn't broken. So I don't feel bad sharing it.

If you're an AdBlockPlus user, select it in your menu bar at the top of your browser and go to settings. The little gray clock cog-looking thing.
Then choose 'Advanced' in the left column.
Scroll down to 'My Filter List'.
Where it says 'Search or add filter(s) (e.g. /ads/trask/*)' type the following (its a text field).
'' without the quotes.
And select 'Add'.

If you've been plagued with the problem as I've been it should be gone now. Good luck. Kinda curious how many others have had the issue or if it's only me. DM me if you need help.
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