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First service firmware upgrade

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I took my Seltos in for it's first 15000km service and they did a firmware upgrade on it. Visibly, the head unit has got a new purpler look which I quite like. I never had the three-pane version that others have had.

But it seems they have fixed the one thing that I was disappointed about with our Seltos - the throttle lag. Prior to service, it always felt like the accelerator was lagging i.e. put the foot down and wait for the engine to wind up and inevitably over-rev. Now, when I add some throttle, the lag is gone and it seems to "shift" lower in the revs. Overall, it's a much nicer experience. I used to drive in Sport mode to get the "pep" I wanted but it seems like "Normal" has enough of it.

Car: Seltos EX (MY2020, NZ spec)
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What model do you have? I have the 2021 SX Turbo and I hoped I missed the update, because that's what mine does.
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