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Front view camera replacement?

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I just went in today for my first oil change, and they warned me beforehand that my car was flagged for a front view camera inspection, and replacement if faulty.

Turns out, they said it was supposedly faulty and they had to order me a new one. They are going to call me when it comes in so it can be replaced. The odd thing is that it seemed to be working just fine with all my safety assistance features etc. Now, many if the safety features are flagged on my cluster and some of the related features don’t work. It’s almost like they took it out until the new one comes in- weird to me. Also weird that they didn’t tell me any if this.

Not sure if anyone else had this checked out? Apparently it’s just for Seltos manufactured 8/10/2020 - 9/2/2020.

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Hi - same thing here - it took 3 bus days to get the new one in and I go back next week for the replacement. I would have thought if it calls for replacement they would have have had them on hand. However, my car seems to be working normally now while I wait for it....sorry they screwed yours up... Everything is very complicated - apparently a fairly long process to replace these/set them up again.
SA452 - 'front camera replacement' - Based on the name I would have thought they would have the camera in hand, but, no - I have to hike back out there next week. Looks like it would illumine FCA or LKA lights unnecessarily....
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Yeah, everything was lighting up in the meantime for check this- check that. I’m thinking they just took out my old camera until my new one came in. I actually had it installed today, and everything is back to normal. It took less than an hour or so..

The dealers should definitely keep a few on hand to prevent customers the hassle of ruining their day to go back in to have it replaced.

In the meantime, my outer door handle hidden key hole cover has been randomly falling off. They ordered me a new one today- as they think the clips are broken. They ordered that in, and then they want to call me back to verify my address to send it to my house.

I’m like “just send it to my house!” They said sorry, we have to do it this way...

They do some weird things, but I suppose everyone does these days :unsure:
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