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Fuel economy

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My Seltos has a fuel economy meter, however I cant compare it to my older car (ford F150) would not be fair. for users that have had similar cars, how does it compare? I'm super happy my self because I'm spending less than half of what I was spending with my truck, but again it's not a fair comparison.
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So far my Seltos is doing much better than I expected. Averaging about 32 mpg. Traded in my Nissan Murano, totally different class of car, but that averaged 24 mpg.
Yes, I took it for a drive out of town and I'm getting great millage; both in town and out. I'm a happy camper.
I get an gauge cluster indicated 27-33 mpg on the highway from the SX. The actual number I guess is 2-3 mpg lower. Still good in my book.
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