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Welcome to the forum @Jon. What spec Seltos do you own?
Hi and thanks. I have the S model. I do really like how this thing drives and the comfort.
May be the the first car I have ever owned in 40 yrs of driving that I just felt comfortable with no getting used to, love the seats and driver position.
But have spent the past 2 weeks fixing some annoying noises. One was the rear hatch. Put some good tape on each of the hard wedges that meet with the rubber ones. Must have been a smidge sideways movement there. The other was the rear right passenger seat catch. I put some good, just 1 wrap, of adhesive 3m leather around the metal bit thats on the body. Insulated the actual catch and the metal moving spring loaded part too against noise. Nice n quiet now. Drove me mad. Made a knocking sound on every bump and road imperfection. I have a feeling it was the spring loaded thing but I made sure it was all touching the leather.
Tonight I'll adjust the headlights, passenger one points towards houses on low beam and up into trees on high . :LOL:
Would be ok if I was spotlighting possums I guess!
Still though, once all sorted should be a total pleasure. (y)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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