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Hi everyone, Thanks for the add!!!

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Hey guys (and gals)!!

Having been a long-time GM owner since I started driving in 1996, I made the jump to my first non-GM & practically brand new vehicle yesterday. I'm going from a 2012 Buick Regal GS Stage 1 to a 2021 Seltos SX Turbo in Mars Orange with 8k on the clock!!! After looking at and test driving the truck yesterday - and having also test driven an LX trim '21 as well - it was a vehicle that spoke to me and checked all the boxes I had in looking for a new vehicle!! I plan on picking it up this weekend!!!

I'm excited to get it as it's practically a brand new vehicle thays not even broken in yet, and it's one that should need nothing for at least a few years. That and having a vast majority of the original warranty is huge piece of mind in making my decision to move on the Seltos. Plus it rides, drives and seems to handle very well too - as well as has smooth & surprising power from the 1.6L Turbo engine. It's not a little firecracker like the Regal is with the 295HP & 335lbs/ft of torque, but still makes for an enjoyable ride!

I already have a few things I wanna get and do with it, but nothing that will void my warranty or be absolutely crazy... I'll make updates as they happen...

Again, thanks for having me here everyone! I'm hoping thos week goes by fairly quickly because I'm getting anxious to get it!! Stay warm and safe everyone!!
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