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DISCLAIMER: Don't do this. If you do do this, don't change any of the settings. If you do change any of the settings, post here and let us know how it went. :)
Definitely don't do this while driving though... seriously.


This process probably varies from firmware to firmware, but here is the combination that works on my 23' Nightfall.

1.) Set the Radio to FM (I think any station works but mine was on 87.5)
2.) Set the volume to 2
3.) Press the Setup button and select General
4.) Tap 5 times left of the Update button (not on the button, next to it) and tap once to the right of the Update button.
5.) A keypad should appear. The code on mine is 2702. (other codes may be 2900 or 2400 or 2801 or 2603 or 2504 or 2405 or 2306 or 2207 or 2108 or 2009 or 2014)

Lots and lots of menus; lots and lots to learn...

Also, if you go deep enough into the menu system, things start showing up in Korean. (So have your dictionary ready... lol)

To exit just turn the car off.


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Hmmm, I wonder if it can change any engine parameters…not that I would but would be interesting if one could give the vehicle a self made “chip flash”…lol
One would really need to know what the fuck they were doing though…
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