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Illuminated scuff plate install.

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Just installed the Seltos Illuminated Door Sill plates. Not a terribly hard job. Didn't find any info online about doing the OEM kit so I'm making this post. The biggest gotchas are getting the battery doors fully closed after installing the batteries. Otherwise, it was pretty easy. Take your time centering the magnet in the tape square when permanently attaching to the underside of the door so you get a good seal all around. You wouldn't want water getting in and corroding the door sill.


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What did they run you if you don't mind my asking. Send a pic when you can.
Just under $300USD. They can be backordered at alot of places but slowly are becoming available.


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I was going to order these but when I picked up my 23 ex premium it had plastic ones installed from factory where those go.
Mine too. I was just wondering how difficult they were to remove if OP had too. What held the factory ones in place? 3M tape? OP, did you remove the existing ones? Or did you not have them?
My Seltos came with the normal plastic ones. All you have to do is lift the weaterstrip and the door sill by hand, then use a plastic body tool to pop up the plastic sill. If you look closely, you will see notches where you can slide the tool in along the bottom edge. Just put a towel or rag under the tool to protect the paint. It snaps in with clips for both the old part and the new illuminated sill. The old plastic ones I have on the shelf for no particular reason. You can see more details in the PDF I posted above. It was pretty easy if you take your time and have simple tools and such.
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