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Hey everyone,

Just curious if anyone has any input, I work at a dealership, finally got my Seltos SX and the screen doesn't work, radio works, I can change the station, backup cam works, but it's stuck on the KIA Logo. I haven't taken delivery of it yet and we're waiting to hear from Kia as to when we can order a new screen.

Does anyone have any input on this issue? I have tried the reset button, disconnecting the battery for hours, checking the fuses, even tried pluggin a keyboard in and typing ALT+PRNTSCRN+E numerous times trying to force it into update mode. We plugged the USB update into it, nothing.

I want a new screen regardless, but if anyone has any idea how I can even temporarily use the screen to adjust some settings, it would be greatly appreciated.
If I’m understanding this correctly, you’re able to see the radio channel selection and backup cam? But it’s also displaying the Kia logo? We’re talking about the center multimedia/nav screen, correct?

Could you take a video going through the functions that do and don’t work?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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