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Interior LED Lighting Kit Install (Aftermarket) and other interior easy mods

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I love LED lighting. In my home, behind the TV's and computer monitors, on the ceiling and walls in bedrooms. I was super excited to find that my Seltos SX came with the "Mood Lamp" LED lighting for the front interior. As nice as that light is, I wanted to add more light to the car like I've seen/had in other vehicles.

I purchased an inexpensive kit on Amazon : CHDZKEDI Interior Car Lights Multicolor Music Car LED Strip Light, Waterproof Underdash Lighting Kits with Sound Active and App Controlled Car led Lights Interior with USB Port, 4pcs 48 LED, DC 12V: Automotive

Install took about an hour to decide where to place them and attach them. I used zip ties in 3 of the 4 locations and I used the built in 3M adhesive on the front passenger wheel well because there were no obvious places to zip tie. I decided on USB connection so that I didn't have to worry about powering the lights via the electronics of the car. The USB was routed from the back seat USB jack and the LED light hub and extra wire were placed in the compartment next to the USB jack. The wires were then routed under both front seats and then under the middle divider to hide them. The only visible wire is on the drivers side of the car far back on the middle console divider leading to the light under the steering wheel. I used 4 zip ties, one adhesive, alcohol (to clean where the adhesive and tape were placed) and a piece of tape to route the wire under the steering wheel well. With this configuration the cables are all but invisible (other than where it's plugged in) and the lights are totally invisible to anyone getting in your car!

Once all the doors to the car are closed the built in Kia mood lamp lights come on. The aftermarket lights are on as soon as you put the car in accessory mode. They turn off automatically when the car is off so you don't have to worry about them draining your battery. Also I was concerned that whatever light setting I had selected before turning off the car would be forgotten but thankfully the lights remember the last setting you leave them on and come back exactly the same when you power up the car. The combination of a steady mood lamp color and an opposing steady wheel-well color looks fantastic! I settled on Blue for the mood lamp and pink or red for the wheel-well (both look awesome together).

This was a super simple install, almost dummy proof, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to add a little spice to the inside of their vehicle. The hardest part is deciding/locating installation spots that you can physically reach that also allow the lights to be visible. I may have attached the lights too far back under the drivers seat, but the good news is I can cut the zip tie and reattach as needed. Using the adhesive gives less flexibility for changing locations but it allows for more creative placement attaching on more surfaces.

I may also install this kit soon (if it doesn't turn out to be too much light) :

I purchased this "mesh makeup bag set" to use as 1) a bag to put paper and other trash into, stashed in the drivers side door, and 2) holders for small car essentials like floss, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc.. : : HOYOFO Mesh Makeup Bag 3 PCS Black Mesh Zipper Pouch Travel Cosmetic Organizer Case for Daily Toiletries Accessories Purse Bag, Black (S, M, L) : Beauty

I understand this post is about an aftermarket product, but I'm interested in what other cosmetic mods you all are adding to your interiors. I'm adding a center-console organizer and a screen protector today. Tomorrow I'm trying out a colored license plate holder and the fiber optic trim lighting linked above. Any other simple to install mods that work well?
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I'm probably gonna need more purple too... Where can I find the center console organizer?
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