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Interior Light?

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Okay, here's a silly question/complaint.

I was wondering why my interior lights didn't come on when I opened the door. I saw the open door picture on the dome light cluster and turned it on, but when the orange led indicator light also came on in addition to the actual lights, I figured I'd triggered some kind of manual override so I turned it off and figured I'd pursue it further later.

Well, later was a few minutes ago. Could it be that that little orange light is going to stay on forever as long as the switch is in "door" mode? If so, I guess that's one of the problems with an electronic switch rather than a mechanical one. If it's not supposed to stay on, can someone share how to turn it off while still keeping the function to have the lights come on when I open a door?

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It's suppose to stay on when you have it in the door mode.
Well, okay then. Thanks.
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