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According to Rushlane, Kia delivered a record 2,184 Seltos' in 1 day to celebrate Dhanteras (the first day of Diwali).

A continual slide of slowdown has seen major automakers scramble. With festivities being the flavour of the week, there’s some cheer. Hyundai and Kia India has carried out a mega delivery for Dhanteras. 12,500 deliveries on a single day would surely give the folks at Hyundai something to celebrate. There’s no info on which cars sold like hotcakes today.

On the other hand, their sister company, Kia India has delivered 2,184 Seltos SUVs today. Earlier in the day, MG India revealed that they delivered 700 Hector SUVs.

Hyundai India, much like other manufacturers is struggling with sales. For the first three quarters of 2019 the company has reported 8.37 percent sales decline. While it’s not an ideal situation, things could have been worse considering how steep a decline certain manufacturers have reported. If Hyundai is able to power through Q4 2019, the company will end the year in single digit sales decline.
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