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Hard to say SHCS. I have never bothered to check it - mainly because whatever is the case, nothing changes, and I can't be bothered. I used to do it religiously in former cars, until I got sick of it. I'm not even sure how to zero the km trip meter in this car, as it's all digital, with no simple mechanical button, but I assume you can't inadvertently affect the total distance recorded. How do you zero the trip meter..? The driving info one zeros automatically each day, but I've not really cogitated on how to zero the trip meter. I might give it a go next time just out of interst as to how accurate my car's estimates are. Yours do seem to be consistently about 1km/L out, I must say. My impression with mine is that it is pretty close. Maybe I'm also kidding myself..?
when you select the desired function in the centre display (L/100km, trip odo, etc) press and hold the OK button (same switch you use to select up and down)…the display selected will zero (if it’s a resettable reading)

as for the economy readings, yeah the Kia display is pretty optimistic compared to reality. This is the norm with these vehicles.
I have found that mine seems to read a bit closer to actual now that I upsized my tires somewhat.
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