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KIA fudging the numbers? Or is this unique to my vehicle?

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We all like to see those good MPG numbers on our dash. But can we trust them?

These are my numbers from last month. Almost entirely city driving, and I consider my driving to be pretty light-footed. You can see my L/100Kms is dead consistent fill to fill, actually shocked me a little just how consistent. What I'm not in agreement with is the numbers KIA has been telling me I'm getting (in red). For each fill, I clear the trip meter and on the next fill record the data before clearing again.

Are they intentionally misrepresenting? Or is this a problem unique to my vehicle? They're consistently reporting numbers much lower than actual. AND oddly enough, very close to what they claim of city driving 8.2l/100kms. So are they fudging the numbers to make you believe you're getting the promised mileage? Or is this unique to me?
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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