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Unfortunately just Updated my 2021 KIA Seltos SX Turbo System/Infotainment. Tried 6 attempts to download to a 256 GB jump drive and it kept coming up with Errors. I reformatted 4 times! I gave up and ran out and purchased a $50 510 GB jump drive. Amazing! It worked! Let's see, 1 1/2 hours so far. So it took 30 minutes to transfer it to the new jump drive. Plugged it into my Seltos and started the transfer. 2 HOURS later it successfully installed! And it STILL LOOKS LIKE CRAP!!!! The PURPLE GARBAGE INTRO SCREEN IS STILL THERE!!!!! MISERABLE ICONS STILL LOOK LIKE SH%$T! It also wiped out all my previous destinations. Still didn't add more station presets.
COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!! As I stated Last year, in 2021 on the 1st Miserable update, IT WASN'T WORTH IT. Hardly any Improvements. The system it had when I first purchased the 2021 Seltos SX Turbo back in May of 2020, was and Still is the Best!! They Continue to Ruin it!!!!! Correct me if I'm wrong but back then I believe Hyundai was responsible for changing the system by crappy Map-N-Soft.
Just an update, Looking at the recent blogs about the update, my recent update does not look a like any of the previous update photos. I know it has been updated because I see the changes. But my icons didn't change and the radio stations icons didn't look different.


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