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Kia Infotainment Update (April 28 2022)

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Got a bit curious so I looked it up and it turns out they released it two days ago.

Unfortunately, the update size is 35GB with a required hard disk space of 59GB so the 32GB USB I've been using on past updates didn't cut it - I got to get a 64GB one.

The Kia website doesn't really say much of what they changed aside from some navigation features so we'll see what's new when more people update.

Radio and AA full screen changes:

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See where it says 'Audio' to the left of the "Display Audio Software Update" in your screen shot in the last post? That is supposed to be a heads up it appears that that entry is an update only for those with regular radios, not those with Navigation like yours and mind - hence 'Navigation' to the left of the second item. So don't worry about the first one, only the second. It will work fine I bet - did for me. After the update you want to see the SW Version as shown in post #17 above, the link toward the bottom, namely: SP2.USA.55W_M.V008.001.220504. The key is the '220504' at the end - the May 4th 2022 update. Your screen shot above shows you have a very old version...maybe even before the purple haze icons, etc.... In any case, you should be able to go right to the current s/w with this update. Please let us know how it goes. Make sure you have a 64 GB USB drive to start with - the instructions still said 32 GB I believe...but I guess more maps and POIs etc..... DT
Thank you for the explanation. FWIW, I do have that purple background and the ugly neon tube radio numbers on my Infotainment screen. It would be worth the update just to get rid of those. I'd like to think this Update would give me wireless CarPlay, but I'm not hopeful. BTW, I ordered one of those 64GB drives you linked on Amazon. I like those small thumb drives. Thanks for that link.
Great - yes, the radio screen has more information than the old one with the radio tubes, and you can organize the presets into a meaningful list. No sign of wireless Android auto etc, and I'm sure not holding my breath about that. Even the current top line Genesis models still have wired from what I saw in a review the other day. The purple is still all over the place as is the case with all of Hyundai and Kia products these days. I try to think of it as calming my wife down......
It still bugs the crap out of me that the higher end head units don't have wireless CarPlay, but the smaller, lower lever 8" screen does. Makes absolutely no sense to me.
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Kia giveth and Kia taketh away..... I will be satisfied as long as the transmission and engine hold up. I see the Seltos got dinged for those problems in a recent comparison list.
Well, today was the day. We had a nice hour and a quarter ride to see my grandson and I figured it was the perfect opportunity to attempt the Update. It couldn't have gone more smoothly. In fact, about 45 minutes into the trip it finished and re-booted and those ugly neon radio numbers were gone. And because it finished earlier than I expected, I was hoping I could check to see if the Navigation finally had the accurate revised exit numbers on the highway. But alas, the Update wiped my previous destinations and it wouldn't let me enter information while I was driving. Thankfully, I had only a few locations as favorites, so it will be no biggie to re-enter them.

Thanks for pointing us to the update website and for the step-by-step, dougt. You were right; it was pretty straightforward. And I didn't waste any gas I wouldn't have used otherwise.

P.S. I noticed when the Update started, it said that if the car was stopped and restarted, it would continue the Update. But (obviously) if the flash drive were removed, it could corrupt the Update.
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Nice going! Good to be updated. I have seen some local updates taken care of with mine and the update file is so much larger than it used to be that there must be good stuff in there.
If you have KIA Connect Ultimate, the US 2023 Seltos updates are done via OTA. The rep said that it will be several weeks before the OTA is ready. I should get a phone notification when ready.
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