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With bookings starting this week in India and South Korea, more details for the Seltos are getting revealed.

According to there will be 37 smart features that will involve the UVO connect system and an internet connection. These features are:

Navigation (8)
Live car tracking
Car location sharing
Destination sharing from the car
Live traffic information
Destination set with schedule
Find my car
Desired destination search
Send destination route to the car

Safety & Security (12)
Auto Collison Notification
SOS-Emergency assistance
Panic notification
Road side assistance
Stolen vehicle notification
Stolen vehicle tracking
Stolen vehicle immobilization
Safety alert (Geo fence, TimeFence, Speed, Valet, Idle)

Vehicle Management (4)
Vehicle health report
Auto diagnostic alert
Manual diagnostic alert
Maintenance alert

Remote Control (8)
Remote Engine Start/Stop
Remote AC Control
Remote Smart Pure Air ON
Remote Door Lock /Unlock
Remote Horn & Light
Remote vehicle status
TPMS status
Fuel level information

Convenience (5)
AI Voice command
Smart Pure Air (In Car Air Quality Monitoring)
Call centre assisted navigation
Trip Info/ Driving Behaviour
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Nice list of features. Kia has come a long way over the years clearly indicated by this list. Which of these features will be standard and which will be optional? Any mention of price on those that are optional?

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There's a bunch of information about the Seltos on Kia's Korean website. But unfortunately I don't know Korean hahaha.

Neither do I.
What I can say is don't set your expectations too high for the exterior and interior options outlined for the Korean market. Quite often we don't get as many and lose some of the more attractive color combos... sad... i know.

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all members should fill out their signature line with their location and what they are driving so that we can put comments and questions in context. This is a worldwide vehicle (India, South Korea, Australia so far)

I've started the ball rolling ?
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