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My Check Blind Spot Collision Warning Light kept going on and off in my Seltos SX. I left the vehicle there for repairs, I got back to the dealer a few hours later they said they drove it around and reset the computer and the light didn't come on. That is odd because as soon as I left the dealer the light came on and has also remained on since having the vehicle at this dealership. I am highly annoyed they didn't really take the time to investigate this issue but just reset the computer thinking that would resolve the issue. 9k miles on my vehicle and this safety light is on you would think they would take in advisement and fix this. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone. They didn't even call me to see if anything was okay with the vehicle after the visit. Thanks for nothing Hollywood Kia.

I can't even find an off switch within the setting of the car or even on the dash. I have made another appointment but can't get in for 2 weeks.


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