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Hey - I'm down here in Loveland. Your story is terrible. I assume it's the non Turbo engine - I have the Turbo so hopefully it will be OK on our first big trip to WA later in Aug. I am so disappointed in Kia as we've had Kia/Hyundai for 20 years. Fort Collins Kia said they only had $20/day rentals last time I check. Peak Kia North still has free loaners last time I check - did you call them? This past week the UVO button that allowed nice verbal commands to find a place stopped working - Peak Kia didn't want to hear about it and I can't get through to Fort Collins Kia this morning - keeps disconnecting! You're right - I see plenty of Subaru problems come by on the news too. So sad. DT
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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