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Seltos GT-line, (=SX), 2020 model, Mars Orange, 1.6L turbo, AWD
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She will be arriving in 1 month I am very excited 馃槉 Do you have any recommendations at all for me ? Thanks in advance 馃檹
Ok, ok, I'll bite. Like when someone was getting a new TV, everyone wanted to know what size screen does it have..? Well, we want to know what model you're getting, which leads me to the question, 'what size screen does it have..?" :D
As for recommendations - just enjoy..! (y)

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1. mats, Amazon has some great choices besides the usual WeatherTech, Husky. I got SmartLiner which I like.
2. I thought I would be buying a dongle and using Apple CarPlay a lot but have found the on board NAV, Sirius, BT phone calling more than adequate.
3. Definitely go through manual and also watch the videos (using QR feature to bring up the videos).
4. If you have KIA Connect (app for your phone), familiarize yourself as you will find a lot of features. For me, first year is free and then you have to pay a subscription fee. $199 US for the Ultimate package but there are other cheaper ones to choose from.
5. I also purchased a cover for the console as my dog likes to prop her paws on the console. Also purchased a shelf for the console for extra storage. Both are rather inexpensiv.

Enjoy and let us know if you get one or two FOBs. BTW, the Connect app is as good as having a FOB.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts