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2021 Kia Seltos EX, 2.0l CVT
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Picked up a Seltos LX in March and already put 5000 miles on her. She's got the 2 liter engine with an AWD CVT Yes, my car's a girl. And yes, she's Bloo :)

The CVT is slow from a start, but stretches it's legs after 20mph or so. The transmission is great on the freeway - quick to downshift and makes good use of the engine's 146hp.

The mpg computer is a joke. Actual is about 7-10% lower. The range calcs progressively insert a safety below half tank. At zero there's about 30 miles remaining.

Actual fuel economy has been very good with mostly highway driving. I haven't yet seen less than 30 mpg on a tank. This includes traffic jams and 70-80mph in the clear.

The cabin is a bit noisy (wind and tires, mostly). There's a nasal-sounding whir from the engine under hard acceleration - especially from a stop. Maybe air induction noise from the Miller cycle? I'm sure there's some tranny whine at takeoff, as well.

ISG is a royal pain in the tuchus. Some of the warning chimes (especially the seatbelt) are buggy and annoying.

Ride is firm but usually not too rough. Handling is superb. Steering feel is good but not great. AWD worked well in the one 5-inch snowfall I drove through.

The brakes are excellent - firm and easy to control. ABS rarely needs to kick in.

Adjustable power seats are comfy on my 55-minute commute. Lumbar support is nice. I actually prefer the synthetic leather seats to the dead-bovine ones. They still get hot under strong sun, tho'.

Back seat room and liftgate storage are very good for the vehicle's size.

The It sounds like the FM tuner is misaligned or picking up some sort of internal interference. AM reception is not too bad, not too good. Mobile connectivity for music, audiobooks, and telephone are excellent. General sound quality from any source needs more bass.

The headlights are not as bad as some make them out to be. I can see just fine. The low-beam cutoff is too sharp, tho'.

Visibility is pretty good. A flattish roofline and sensibly-sized rearmost windows help.

The Neptune blue paint and brushed silver trim are b e a u t I f u l together :)
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