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No Ventilated Seats means I'll have to keep shopping

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I'm currently looking to replace a 2014 Nissan Rogue SL with 114,000 miles. I really like the design of the Seltos and think the tech options are great. My three primary "extra" requirements for a new vehicle are
  • Apple Carplay compatibility - preferably with a larger screen = CHECK - The Seltos has a lovely 10.25 in screen in the SX trim
  • Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist = CHECK - The Seltos checks all the boxes here
  • Cooled or Ventilated Seats = None in the USA - I truly don't get it. The Seltos for the Indian and Australian markets both have ventilated seats and a heads up display.
I'm not sure why KIA USA decided that no ventilated seats would be in the US model but living in the Southeastern US, they are a necessity. I know manufacturers change features for different markets, but even the cheaper Kia's in the US market have ventilated seats. I'm disappointed with this omission and will have to keep shopping, unfortunately.
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  • Cooled or Ventilated Seats = None in the USA - I truly don't get it. The Seltos for the Indian and Australian markets both have ventilated seats and a heads up display.
they also have the air-cooled front seats in the Canadian EX Premium and SX models and the SX also has the heads up display.

they do offer them in the Sportage in the US.
I'm bummed about that too, look at the 2020 Kia sportage EX model with tech package. It will give you more than the top seltos trim with nicer interior, panoramic sunroof and ventilated seats with all that you want and slightly more room and power. I saw the Seltos and Sportage next to each other and I'm now sold on the Sportage. They should of added the features other countries get. Bad move Kia. You can get the price down on the Sportage too, where I'm hearing the Seltos may have a mark up because it is new.
That is so weird, here in Mexico we did get ventilated seats. I live in Nuevo Laredo Mx, across the border from Texas so I do appreciate the ventilated seats, specially in the hot 110 degree summer time.
Yeah from what I'm hearing it is Kia Motor America that decides the options we get. They have done the same thing with the Stinger. For some reason they screw the US versions over in offerings vs everyone else even though they have a huge market here. The 2022 version will probably add those features but when we already know the 2020 versions have them in India for example it seems like it pisses people off more knowing that they are holding back and giving us last dibs on what everyone else already has. Alot of people will look for other vehicles due to this. I'm in Arizona and no ventilated seats is a deal breaker for me when so many other vehicles have it now. If the car can have the features it should, don't get why they do that. Especially when you roll out a 2021 model with features your older existing models have.
I have to agree with you to a degree about KIA "holding back" on some great features when it comes to probably what will be their biggest customer base ...we Americans. It didn't keep me from buying my Seltos SX so I could enjoy many of the tech-savvy perks I've become accustomed to like ACC and Auto-Hold ... but KIA better get their act together if they want to compete in todays auto market.
As a side point, don't let the no ventilated seats keep you away from considering a Seltos. You can buy quality 'rel' sheep-skin seat covers (for $100 a seat or less) that work far better than ventilated seats, in my experience. They act like air conditioning in the summer and a seat warmer in the winter, especially if you have leather seats!
No ventilated seats is the only reason why I didn't buy Seltos.

2023 Seltos facelift is released in Korea. I hope 2024 Seltos in US have ventilated seats. Otherwise, I'll just freaking wait for 2026 new Seltos.
Seltos is an entry level vehicle and for markets like U.S where pricing is important, features like cool seats will never make it here.
I was under the impression that the Seltos had vented seats on the top trim. I guess I missed that somehow? I'm with OP now looking elsewhere because of the need for vented seats.
Just ordered Katzkin full leather seats for my 2023 Seltos Nightfall front and rear. Cost me $1800 out the door installed. The middle part of the seat is ventilated leather.
2024 Seltos (USA) will have ventilated front seats!
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