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Hi guys. This has happened just twice since having my Seltos. Is a 2 litre IVT trans model.
First time I thought it may have been because the air con was on.
But this time no air con on and in park. I pulled up, put it in park and noticed the idle at 1000 rpm, rise to 1200 rpm then drop to 1000, rise to 1200 etc. I watched this for about 30 seconds listening if the cooling fans were on, nope and the very second I put my foot on the break pedal to put it into drive and see what happens it instantly dropped to normal idle below 1000. I didnt even get to put it in drive, as soon as my foot pressed on the break pedal it dropped!
Anyone ever heard of this?
Of course ill raise the issue on the first free service, 3000 ks which will be in a few weeks but curious if its a known issue.
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