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One year old now!

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Loving the car! Mileage is great. found out if I turn off the start-stop feature the mileage improves! She also seems to prefere Wawa gas ;) . Still playing with the features, and the dealership didnt want to tell me the Uvo expired, and everything except the from phone things stopped, but the key fob still works! Didnt use most of the extras any way, so the "lite version is plenty for me, no need to pay for the fancy things.
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That some pretty low mileage for 1 year. I just drove double that in 2 weeks lol.
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I have more mileage on my 2023 SX after just 2 months, almost 3k
Just turned over 9k miles last week at just one year and three months old. A couple of years ago, I'd have done 9k in a few months. Semi-retirement and working from home part time rocks!
✅👍😊 Being fully retired rocks even more - 'cept I've had the car 3 years and only done 22,000kms. It's time for service by time next month, but not by distance. Dealer not quite sure how to play it. The usual recommendation is by time anyway, but doing the 30,000km service at only 22,000...hmmm..?
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