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I've seen some older threads on using oversized tires but many of those were in combination of use with a 2 inch suspension lift.

We have a set of snow tires that previously were used on a third generation Rav4. They have 225/70-16 tires, which are one inch in radius larger than the 235/45-18 which come standard with the SX that we have ordered.

Pictures seem to indicate there's at least an inch of clearance in the wheel wells, and these tires would be only used in the few days when snow is actually on the ground, so maybe two weeks a year maxi um.

Bolt circle is identical and offset is less than 10 mm different, so the tire will be more to the outside of the Seltos. I'll need new centering rings.

Anyone know if this will work without rubbing?

If not, I'll replace the tires with 205/65-16, which is identical to the stock circumference. Just hate to waste good tires.
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