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I have to say the Kia Dealerships in San Antonio, TX and KIA themselves are the reason I'll never purchase a Kia again.

I never had a good experience for Sales or Service @ 3 different dealerships. Decided to go to a different location "Kia Ancira" for 3 Recalls on my KIA Seltos "S" model.

One recall was the Major Engine Replacement due to "Improperly Heat-Treated Piston Oil Rings." All the other dealerships were backlogged for months because they were replacing so many engines. Ancira told me they only had to replace 1 engine because that car was already making a "knocking sound."

I was told about 3 recalls total when I arrived for scheduled appointment.
1). SC209 - Improperly Heat-Treated Piston Oil Rings (possible engine replacement).
2). SA463 - DTC p0605 P2181 on ECM Logic.
3). SA451 - Display Audio 2.0 Software update (upgrade my touchscreen radio which enables Wireless Carplay.

Was told it would take 8 hours total, but it only took 1 hour & 17 minutes (and I was behind 4 other customers). Why was it done so quickly, you might ask? Because they didn't do anything at all. When I got home I saw the Radio was still running version SP2.USA.D2V.001.002.200122 rather than the version SP2.USA.D2V.001.003.201028 (as per the Technical Bulletin). There was no indication the hood hadn't been opened at all and definitely not enough time to perform any of the required work at all. Keep in mind, the 1 hour & 17 minutes is including when I drove up to the dealership and when I was driving off.

I called the dealership to question them, they just said "Oh sorry, bring it back and will do it this time." Are you freaking kidding me??? I took off work and drove a 4 hour roundtrip for now reason!!! I contacted KIA Corporate and they only stated that …"each and every Kia Dealership is privately owned and operated...." response.

So, this is why ANCIRA KIA never replaces any engines and every other dealership in town is replacing all of them. Guess if my car catches on fire, would be the only way I can get them to do their work. I am done with KIA CRAP!
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