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(Order changed to '23 Sportage)
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Well, it looks like I won't be a Seltos owner after all. Back on 02 November 2021, we ordered a Seltos LX AWD and were told it would be 2-3 months. We waited patiently, but started wondering when February came and went. In mid March, Kia still did not even have a build date. Ugh.

Our salesman (who I know from when I used to work at this dealership as the webmaster and vehicle photographer) told me about a shipment of the new '23 Sportages coming in in a week or two. There was a base LX AWD in Steel Gray that would only be a couple thousand $$ more than the Seltos, and it would be a '23 (the Seltos would be a '22). I did my homework and put our name on it.

The '23 Sportage came in last night, and we went and picked it up today. Very impressed. Totally re-done from the '22 Sportage.

As much as we like the Seltos, it is similar size-wise inside to our '20 Soul LX. My wife and I are retired now, and we love to travel. The extra luggage space and people space in the Sportage will be appreciated. We will use the Soul for around-town and short trips and the Sportage for long trips.

Thanks for answering my questions earlier. Enjoy your Seltos - they are nice vehicles.
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