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roof rack questions

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I need some answers and advice that I can't seem to find on the internet. I have a small painting business. I sometimes have to haul a 6 and 8 foot ladders. I've had a nissan cube for 12 years. and has been perfect.
I have yakima clamp on bars set at 42" apart. the cube is square and has a long flat roof so it has made things easy. however. i need a new car now. since they don't make square vehicles anymore, i have to be creative.
i found a wonderful company that makes ladder racks that can mount to almost any roof rack. Piggyback ladder racks. trouble is, I need for the cross bars to be at least 36" between...most of the small SUVs have rails that only give you 27-30 inches. the Venue is out (27.8") so is the Kona. if i search on the yakima site, it tells me i can have 36" spread with the 2023 Seltos. is it true? are their 'fixed' place where the bars have to be attached? or can i adjust to my liking? this is a very important detail that no one seems to know. unless i go to the dealer with my measuring tape and find out myself.
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well, I made the plunge. I went to the Kia dealer and bought this. There was a slightly used one on the lot with Kia crossbars installed. I had my handy tape measure. almost 38 inches between the bars...and the rails do not have fixed bar can totally adjust them. it works...I ordered the bars today. problem solved. btw, I LOVE this car
Good to hear, it was my understanding they didn't...and I'm used to seeing a sliding rail or attachment such as on my old Jeeps, which Kia doesn't have.
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