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Seltos 2.0 CR review

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Just got my January 2022 issue of consumer reports. Seltos is rated 11 place out of 13. Even below the woeful Ford Ecosport. One place above the jeep renegade. Wow! I wonder how the sx turbo would rate amongst that group
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OMG! I think Kia and Hyundai are rushing too fast....
Right! I didn't expect perfect but wow! The seltos had such great reviews up until this
Something doesn't add up there. Doesn't the Kona and the Seltos use the exact same engine and transmission?
Same engine but a different tranny.6 speed auto in the Kona and a CVT in the Seltos.Don't pay too much attention to Consumers Reports as they tend to rate cars
very differently than other reviewers.
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Look at the crosstek on first place and the seltos, pretty much the same except for the reliability box and the owner satisfactiin.
Not an accurate representation if you ask me
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