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Hey guys,
Just finished installing Sealight LED foglight and headlight bulbs in my wife's 2023 LX and if you think the videos on YouTube
make it look easy ... it's not !
The foglights are easy after you remove the inner wheel well liner, ( be sure to remove eight plastic inserts on each side ) and the passenger side
headlight bulb is fairly accessible but the driver's side is another story if you have big hands.
I didn't have enough access even with the liner removed ... so i had to take out the battery, remove the three bolts holding the fuse block panel
and the remove the air filter cover and air filter housing in order to move the fuse block over enough to get my hand on the headlight bulb.
My wife tried to access it but it's in there pretty tight and it's not easy to unscrew the original halogen bulb without removing a bunch of stuff.

Anyhow , all done and can't wait to see the results at night.
I'll post a few before and after pics eventually !

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