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What difference did you notice? I live in Canada and just had my first oil change.I find it a little harder on Gas .
I lost all the safety protocols, such as when on a long haul the vehicle would talk to you about upcoming hazzards, like sharp bend to the right (or left) narrow road ahead, children crossing (in NZ we have schools on 100kph highways), it would tell you about rail crossings etc: but I lost some of my emergency braking system also. I spent a lot of time talking to the Kia head office in Auckland till they found an infotainment system that hadn't been updated and put it into my vehicle.
The vehicle now performs even better than when I purchased it brand new last November. The local dealership is fantastic, but, unfortunatley they don't always get listened to from head office, Kia head office only take notice when an owner comes out and tells them what it's all about!
Kia Korea decided to take out all these protocols when it wasn't neccessary, people could of just un ticked the parts they didn't want themselves in settings.
I am still following up with Korea, because they have fixed mine to placate me, but they haven't fixed all the others that this has happened to in New Zealand.
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